Next.js MDX Blog Kit

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Feature List:

  • Static website deployment
  • Write your posts in markdown, and use React components in your markdown thanks to MDX. Or use plain React, if you prefer.
  • A CLI for creating new pages or posts. It processes all the necessary meta data for creating the blog list and adding SEO data to all pages.
  • Perfect Lighthouse scores.
  • Excellent SEO
  • Service Worker that caches all pages and posts for offline reading
  • Tag search
  • A reading progress indicator on posts (optional/configurable)
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Smooth scroll links
  • Optimized images
  • Tests are set up using Jest
  • Easy deploys with Zeit's Now

View Source: If you view the source of this webpage, you will see that pages are rendered and minified on a server and served as static files.

Lighthouse: If you want first-hand evidence of the audit scores shown in the project, feel free to run a Lighthouse audit of this site. Scores are more accurate when run in an incognito browser because Chrome extensions can adversely affect scores.